COVID-19 test for travel

FLY COVID Test offers a comprehensive COVID-19 testing service at airports with high sensitivity and specificity and a results report valid for travel.

We have centres located in different airports in Spain to facilitate travellers’ access to the tests.

We perform conventional PCR testsrapid PCR testsantigen tests and rapid antibody tests. All our tests are analysed in certified laboratories.

PCR test

It detects if you are carrying the virus in the earliest stages of infection.




12 hours

Results available

*Price subject to the Fly COVID Test centre chosen.

Rapid PCR

It rapidly detects whether you are carrying the virus at the earliest stages of infection, with the same reliability and sensitivity as a conventional PCR.




35 minutes

Results available

* Price without prior appointment: 150€

* Service only available in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga

Rapid antigen test

It detects if you have viral proteins and therefore if you are carrying the virus.




15-20 minutes

Results available

*Price subject to the Fly COVID Test centre chosen.

Rapid antibody test

It detects if you have antibodies against the virus



15-20 minutes

Results available

How does the COVID-19 airport testing service work?


Select the test and airport

Choose the COVID-19 test and select the airport where you want the test to be performed

Prueba COVID en el aeropuerto | Fly COVID Test Center


Book an appointment

Choose the day and time that best meets your needs. If you show up without an appointment, we cannot guarantee the availability of the service.

Make an appointment : Fly COVID Test Center


Go to the selected Fly COVID centre

Remember to bring your National ID Document and face mask. Avoid eating, drinking, smoking or brushing your teeth one hour before the test.

Fly COVID-19 Airport Test Center | Fly COVID Test Center


Receive your results

You will receive them via email, or you can easily download them from here.

Fast and reliable covid test results : Fly COVID Test Center

Book an appointment at your nearest airport

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Who is it intended for?

COVID19 tests for individuals and companies


Whether you are going to travel or if you want to know if you carry the coronavirus, Fly COVID Test offers you a COVID testing service in the main Spanish airports so that you can take the test at your departure airport.


Fly COVID Test offers a personalized COVID testing service for companies or institutions. Contact us and we will manage your reservation as a company, with invoice issuance and test management for employees.