About COVID-19 tests for travel

Fly COVID Test has centres located in different airports.

Go to the website of each airport to see the exact location of each centre. Please remember that booking an appointment is recommended.

The PCR test for travel is suitable for those who need to rule out with certainty that they do not have an active infection. The rapid PCR test has the same specifications, but with results available in 35 minutes.

The rapid antigen test for travel performs the same function, but with somewhat less sensitivity.

And the rapid antibody test shows whether or not you have had the disease and whether you have developed antibodies.

*Please note that the type of COVID-19 test for travel depends on the requirements applicable at your destination. Before selecting your test, check the requirements for that country or city.  

The type of COVID-19 test depends on the requirements applicable at your destination. Please check the requirements for each country or city with official bodies or your airline before choosing your COVID-19 test.