You will get the results of your PCR test for travel in around 12 hours.

Please take into account that the results time is an estimate and may change depending on the number of tests and non-working days.

For samples collected in the early morning, between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m., results within 12 hours are not guaranteed.

The results of your rapid PCR test will be available in 35 minutes. Please note that the results time indicated is the average time between sample extraction and the issuing of the certificate of analysis.

However, this time estimate may be subject to variations, especially if a secondary analysis is necessary.

Exceptionally, an inconclusive diagnostic result may be obtained. The sample will be re-analysed immediately. Therefore, in these exceptional cases, the average time of 35 minutes is subject to variations.

The results will be sent to the e-mail you gave on the appointment booking form. You can also download them from the Fly COVID Test results portal, indicating your National ID Document number and sample code.

A negative PCR or rapid antigen test result indicates that the virus was not detected in your body at the time the sample was taken, which means that you can travel.

A positive PCR or rapid antigen test result indicates that the virus was detected in your body at the time the sample was taken, and therefore means that you cannot travel.

If the result is positive, you must leave the airport.

In compliance with article 5 of Royal Decree Law 26/2020, if the result of the AIDT is positive, the client may not continue on their journey and must leave the airport.

These results will also be notified to the health authorities who will contact you for follow up.

Exceptionally, you may get an inconclusive result in your PCR test for travel.

In this case, your sample will be re-analysed and you will receive a new decisive results report on the following day.

The rapid antibody test analyses the presence of IgM and IgG immunoglobulins in the blood.

It is not a diagnostic test. The presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 indicates whether the person has, or has had, an immune response to the virus.

The personal details you include when booking your appointment will be the details that appear on your test results.

If you detect any error in the personal details and you need to make any modification, please call our customer service hotline at +34 91 825 76 57.