Rapid PCR test for travel

Rapid PCR test in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga. 99% reliability. Results in 35 minutes.

What is a rapid PCR test?

The rapid PCR test detects in only 35 minutes whether you are carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is responsible for COVID-19 disease from the earliest stages of infection, making it the most sensitive and reliable test for national and international travel or simply for getting together with other people without risk. The rapid PCR test has the same reliability and sensitivity as a conventional PCR but with the significant advantage of receiving the results faster.

Rapid PCR

It rapidly detects whether you are carrying the virus at the earliest stages of infection, with the same reliability and sensitivity as a conventional PCR.





Extraction of the sample


35 minutes

Results available



* Price without prior appointment: 150€ *Service available only in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

Reliability of the airport rapid PCR test.

All our rapid PCR tests have a reliability in excess of 99% - the same as a conventional PCR.

Taking of the sample

The airport rapid PCR test sample is obtained through nasopharyngeal.

Results in 35 minutes

You will receive the results of your rapid PCR test 35 minutes after the sample is taken. Please note that this is an estimated time which may vary slightly depending on the volume of demand.

Results report issued by a certified laboratory and valid for travel

All our rapid PCR tests are CE marked by regulatory agencies and comply with the specifications accepted by the World Health Organisation. In addition, our PCR kits are endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to detect other emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants, such as the Omicron variant.

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Who is it intended for?

COVID19 tests for individuals and companies


Whether you are going to travel or if you want to know if you carry the coronavirus, Fly COVID Test offers you a COVID testing service in the main Spanish airports so that you can take the test at your departure airport.


Fly COVID Test offers a personalized COVID testing service for companies or institutions. Contact us and we will manage your reservation as a company, with invoice issuance and test management for employees.

Unlike a conventional PCR test, which analyses 16 to 96 samples simultaneously, the rapid PCR test detects whether you are carrying SARS-CoV-2 virus genetic material by analysing one sample at a time. It is therefore a diagnostic test with the same reliability and sensitivity as a conventional PCR but with the significant advantage of receiving the results in only 35 minutes.
Yes, rapid PCR test reports issued by our laboratories meet the general acceptance requirements for international travel* The tests are performed using CE marked tests, validated and approved by the regulatory agencies and with the reliability values recommended by the World Health Organisation. The reports are available in Spanish and English. *However, we recommend that you check the specific requirements of your country of destination.
This is not necessary. What is important is that you choose the right test based on the requirements of your country or city of destination and that best suits your travel needs.